Spring In Full Swing!

Spring is in full swing, and your garden is likely to be enjoying the sunshine. A few things to keep in mind during the heat wave; your new potted plants will suffer the most in this type of weather. If your pots are mostly in direct sunlight, you will want to water twice a day.

It’s recommended you put trays of water underneath the pots so they can also soak up water from the bottom. Don’t forget to remove the tray when the Oregon weather takes a turn.



Your newly planted grass, trees or plants will also need some TLC right now with some extra watering. Just don’t over water, steadily soaking the soil will do more hurt than help.

Your older trees and established perennials won’t require much attention at this time and still don’t need watering everyday. Just watch for any sagging or crunchy leaves. Plants of any sort that show these signs definitely require watering.



If you are wondering what’s blooming around the Northwest this Spring & Summer you might recognize these plants; The Rhododendron, Flowering Currant, Oregon Grape, Daffodil, and of course the Star Magnolia.

If you are looking for some plants to help with the summer shade, plants like ferns, azaleas and day lilies will help provide extra foliage to protect your delicate buds.

Whether you want help maintaining your garden, require yard renovation, lawn installation, adding some privacy, or weekly maintenance, J’s Custom Landscaping will take care of the job and let you sit back and enjoy your yard in the sunshine this spring!