Outdoor Living


We have been hard at work expanding our offerings. Now we can help create the perfect outdoor wooden structure to complement your landscape, outdoor living area, or yard. These structures can be very practical, functional, and extremely aesthetically appealing.

We install your:

Patio covers
Cable railing
Wood or Composite decks
Wood screens
Wooden footbridges

Design the Perfect Outdoor Space

From pavers and pergolas to sitting walls and fire pits, we can help you create your ideal outdoor living space. These exciting projects can be a reflection of your style and incredibly functional– and our customers have been amazed at how their favorite spot in their house can actually be outside of it.

Our hardscape installers bring years of experience and a huge catalog of beautiful options to create your ideal patio space. We have the knowledge to help you create tiered designs, manage elevation changes, and accomplish many different goals with a well-engineered retaining wall.

Water features are one of the most truly custom products we can offer. The physical design and space of each feature is different and specific to the client.


We can install beautiful lighting accents that bring character and personality to any landscape. We have a huge variety of lighting options that can fit any taste and exceed expectations.

Water features

Water features are a uniquely custom item we offer. From the size, selection and placement of rocks to the level of action and noise generated by the feature, each one we make is totally unique. we can design something to suit your style. Whether you want a calm, quiet feature to bring a wonderful serene quality to a corner of your garden, or a huge centerpiece to impress guests with,

Hardscaping & Pavers

Hardscaping is one of our specialties. Paver solutions, whether used to create a pathway, patio, or even driveway, present what we consider some of the best value for many projects. A professionally installed paver system often lasts years longer than concrete and asphalt options and looks better doing it.

Take a look at our gallery and sample pages for some more information about a few options. Don’t see something that fits your vision? Our reps are knowledgeable about a huge range of quality products that can fit any style and are adept at creating custom paver projects suitable for any space or purpose. We also created a show area here at our facility in Vancouver, so you can come down and see some materials and samples from various local suppliers in one place.