We create a plan that is perfect for you and your yard

Most of our clients receive 43 visits a year, with our team on site every week during the growing season and a little less in the winter.

We offer a variety of flexible landscape maintenance packages. They are programs designed to fit your yard and budget, and they can be adjusted to help keep your landscape well-manicured all year. Gone are the time commitment and upkeep costs of using your own lawn equipment. Equipment that breaks down often, that requires special gas mixes, and that can eat up a lot of your valuable free time. Take back your weekend with maintenance by J’s Custom Landscaping.

Our premium package includes the following services:

  • Mow grass and dispose of clippings
  • Edge grass weekly April-June and bi-weekly the rest of the year
  • Blow off walks & driveway front and back
  • Spray weeds in grass with broadleaf weed killer – as needed when dry
  • Spray weeds in bed areas, along fences, walks and drive (this excludes garden areas)
  • Hand weeding beds in winter when it is too wet to spray
  • Light pruning of shrubs to maintain shape and form – once in summer and once in winter
  • Apply commercial pre-emergent to bed areas – Spring and Fall
  • Apply commercial slow-release lawn fertilizer 5 times per year
  • Apply moss killer in lawn and beds to keep moss under control in the spring
  • Leaf cleanup in the fall