Lawn Installation

Preparation is key to having a great lawn, and this begins before any grass is even installed. Clark County and the Portland metro area has soils with high clay content, which can make it more difficult for grass to thrive. When planning for a lawn we make recommendations for soil amendments and ensure sure the area is correctly prepared. These amendments may include compost, sand, or lime based on your specific soil type. Many blends of grass seed are available, but we select only the best seed available for a Pacific Northwest lawn. These blends are typically created from a mix of perennial ryegrasses and fescue to give your yard the best possible year-round appearance. Between our soil preparation and the excellent seed recommended by our lawn experts, we have the recipe for the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Sod is another option for lawn installation that enables you to have an “instant lawn.” Sod allows us to deliver a useable space more quickly to our customers, especially those who would like a lawn area for children or pets that may disturb a seeded area. We work with two different types of sod, perennial ryegrass and tall fescue (RTF). Perennial ryegrass is quicker to establish and a great all-around choice for areas with decent light and moisture. RTF takes a little while longer to establish because it grows much deeper roots, but this sod is more disease resistant and even self-repairs, which can make it a great choice for a high-use lawn area. RTF has a slightly wider blade of grass and is more dog tolerant after 12-18 months than the traditional perennial ryegrass lawn. Either type of sod will provide you with a lush and green lawn for your home, we can help you decide what would be better for you.


Hydroseeding is a process of spraying a space with a mix of water, seed, fertilizer and protective mulch. This process is typically used on larger areas because it can be less expensive and time-consuming than other methods. Hydroseeding is excellent for seeding hard to reach areas, or in seeding for erosion control.

Sprinkler System Installation & Repair

We install the highest quality sprinkler systems with the easiest to use controllers. We work exclusively with Rain Bird and Hunter products. Both brands carry excellent products with the best warranties on the market, which means you will have a functioning and cost effective sprinkler system for a long time. Water conservation features that are available for your sprinkler system include:

  • Low Precipitation Rate Nozzles – reduces water output, giving it more time to soak in, thus encouraging deeper roots for your grass. The deeper the grass roots grow, the less overall water you will need.
  • Rain Sensor – turns off the programming when it is raining outside so you do not waste water. These can be wired or wireless.
  • Pressure Regulating Heads (PRS) – create less mist, meaning more even coverage and lower watering times.
  • Smart Controllers – incorporate specifications from your yard for the micro-climates in each separate zone. Factors include sunny or shady areas, soil type, slope, the variety of plants or lawn, and constant adjustments for changes in temperature and rainfall. The controller uses all of this data and automatically adjusts the length of time and frequency of watering on a daily basis to optimize watering based on the factors tracked by the controller.

We have experienced and knowledgeable sprinkler technicians on-staff ready to assist you with any repairs, revisions, or additions to your existing sprinkler systems. Some of the common issues our techs can resolve include:

  • Controller programming
  • Modernizing an old system
  • General system troubleshooting
  • Coverage issues
  • Malfunctioning valves
  • Broken pipes
  • Installing & repairing drip line
  • Tracing broken sprinkler wires
  • Moving or adding heads

Whether it’s a residential lawn that hasn’t been mowed in a long while, or a vacant commercial area in need of some TLC, our crews have the equipment and expertise to bring your space up to standard. J’s special services crew can help you restore a landscape to its former glory or give you a tidy blank slate.


The soil in Clark County and the Portland Metro area does not drain well. That fact leads to J’s installing thousands of feet of drainage every year. Drainage solutions include French drains, catch basins, ditches, swales, and more. We are expert at assessing drainage problems and making recommendations that will help you protect your investment in your property.