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We wanted a good place to share great projects and some of our expertise with our clients and the world at large, so when we put this new site together, it was important to us to include an awesome blog.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out some of our posts. We can always be reached through the contact info at the bottom of the page, feel free to give us a call with any questions.

Working with what you have


We created this sitting area by incorporating the space around it into our plan. This could have been installed this way, and if you didn’t know what it looked like beforehand, it would be impossible to notice.

The challenges here are in making sense of the space, and incorporating the elements that were already present to present a finished product that still looks cohesive.


Comparing the before and after shots makes the project look simple, but this is an aspect of our work that we’re always looking to share. We brought in flagstone that included some more of the same colors and even left two of the pillars from the water feature we removed to serve as outdoor seating. Now this is a much more accessible space, and it’s exactly what our client was looking to see.

We do a lot of exciting construction projects involving either completely tearing out existing landscaping or working on fresh dirt. Not every project starts like that, though– and we can get great results working with what’s already there.

Do you have an area of your yard that you love, but you wish you could see all around your property? Do you wish that patio feature, walkway, or garden area was just a little different? Give us a call, and one of our consultants can work with you to make it happen.

Why are we Custom Landscaping?

Other landscaping companies in Vancouver may have access to some of these same materials, but a custom landscape installation from J’s leaves you with the something unique and beautiful.

The blend of colors, textures and patterns you see below doesn’t tell the whole story– J’s Custom created this space in a heavily sloped backyard.

In this photo, you just see the finished project. You don’t see that it took 50 yards of fill that had to be brought in by wheelbarrow, or the multiple retaining walls, or the three weeks of backbreaking work to turn this dream into a reality.

clean vancouver landscape style on lush northwest backdrop
From L-R: “Blood Good” Japanese Maple, Weeping Alaskan Cedar, Coral Bark Japanese Maple, Compact Hinoki Cypress

Any space can become a canvas for your lifestyle.  Do you want a serene outpost to convene with these beautiful NW surroundings, or the perfect spot for a barbecue with your friends and family?

We build it, you decide.

Why Landscaping?

There are a lot of reasons for someone to work in landscaping, but we are always talking about just a few of them here at J’s Custom Landscaping.

At our meetings, the first question we ask when we start and the last question we ask before we get down to work is “how can we take care of our customers?”

At J’s Custom we have one goal in mind– making our customers happy. We find that whatever else happens, if we take good care of the people that choose to do business with us, they come back to us season after season. That’s why we retain customers on our maintenance plans for years at a time, and why so many people are inviting us to their homes to create and maintain their landscapes.

It starts and ends with the more than 30 families provided for by the work that we do– from our crews and managers to our bookkeeper and mechanic, the whole J’s team is focused on providing our customers with a fantastic experience. We’ve seen a lot in 3 generations of landscaping, but these will always be our guiding values.