Why are we Custom Landscaping?

Other landscaping companies in Vancouver may have access to some of these same materials, but a custom landscape installation from J’s leaves you with the something unique and beautiful.

The blend of colors, textures and patterns you see below doesn’t tell the whole story– J’s Custom created this space in a heavily sloped backyard.

In this photo, you just see the finished project. You don’t see that it took 50 yards of fill that had to be brought in by wheelbarrow, or the multiple retaining walls, or the three weeks of backbreaking work to turn this dream into a reality.

clean vancouver landscape style on lush northwest backdrop
From L-R: “Blood Good” Japanese Maple, Weeping Alaskan Cedar, Coral Bark Japanese Maple, Compact Hinoki Cypress

Any space can become a canvas for your lifestyle.  Do you want a serene outpost to convene with these beautiful NW surroundings, or the perfect spot for a barbecue with your friends and family?

We build it, you decide.