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From a blank slate to something simple and clean

We frequently get calls from clients all over the Portland and Vancouver area who are excited about their new home– but working with bare dirt in their backyard! Many builders will install a pretty average or basic front yard space, leaving the choice of what to do with the backyard area to you. We’ve shown you some different ways we can spice up those front yard basic areas. Well, today it’s all about the backyard!

Just because we want to bring in some of our low maintenance landscaping strategies doesn’t mean you can’t have a pleasant and very functional space.



This client wanted something that would be clean and clear of clutter so her dogs could have some space to safely play, while not also signing up to spend every weekend out in the yard pulling weeds and patching torn up grass. We were able to bring in a mix of rock and artificial turf to make this a dog-friendly area that wouldn’t require the constant attention of a grass lawn. We were even able to build in some simple planting areas for a future garden. Now that’s a puppy pleaser!

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What’s the best way to pick up a pile of leaves? A vacuum of course!

Here’s a video of some of our maintenance guys in action! Follow us on Facebook for all the pictures, videos, and other interesting things we see working in the industry.

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Going beyond builder-basic

There are a lot of “builder basic” landscapes in Vancouver, and landscaping is often one item that gets pushed further down the priority list, or even forgotten about entirely when building a new home.

Luckily, with our help, your new dream home can look like it from the outside, too.

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Working with what you have


We created this sitting area by incorporating the space around it into our plan. This could have been installed this way, and if you didn’t know what it looked like beforehand, it would be impossible to notice.

The challenges here are in making sense of the space, and incorporating the elements that were already present to present a finished product that still looks cohesive.


Comparing the before and after shots makes the project look simple, but this is an aspect of our work that we’re always looking to share. We brought in flagstone that included some more of the same colors and even left two of the pillars from the water feature we removed to serve as outdoor seating. Now this is a much more accessible space, and it’s exactly what our client was looking to see.

We do a lot of exciting construction projects involving either completely tearing out existing landscaping or working on fresh dirt. Not every project starts like that, though– and we can get great results working with what’s already there.

Do you have an area of your yard that you love, but you wish you could see all around your property? Do you wish that patio feature, walkway, or garden area was just a little different? Give us a call, and one of our consultants can work with you to make it happen.

Basalt and Bluestone in Portland, Oregon

Here’s a before and after shot of a recent project we did in one of Portland’s lush old neighborhoods. We brought in hand-cut bluestone blocks to give the space a clean look and a pop of understated color– also they’ll serve to complement future gardening and planting projects.

We even prepared the soil in the surrounding planter space so the homeowner could start on his garden this summer.


We also installed a one-of-a-kind basalt column fire pit to add another unique touch and tie the space together with a functional focal point. As you can see in the detail shot below, each stone is unique– so each pit will have its own personality and distinctive look.
basaltfirepitshotThe natural finish on both the basalt and bluestone complement the classic look of the neighborhood but open up a real opportunity for the homeowner to inject some personality into their space.

Custom Landscaping in Vancouver

Vancouver Landscapes

Here’s a really slick looking landscape we designed and installed for one of our customers in Lacamas Shores. We built our design around some existing established plants to bring some distinction and a truly custom look to this front yard. We think it meshes really well with the upscale look of the neighborhood.

These retaining walls help shape the space. We intentionally selected materials for this custom landscape that would fit in well with the neighborhood and even complement the upscale look of the home itself. We also brought in some fresh plantings and accent lighting so the space would be lit up or in bloom in every season, and at any time of day. There are lots of familiar elements in this Vancouver landscape combined to build a stellar finished product.