Basalt and Bluestone in Portland, Oregon

Here’s a before and after shot of a recent project we did in one of Portland’s lush old neighborhoods. We brought in hand-cut bluestone blocks to give the space a clean look and a pop of understated color– also they’ll serve to complement future gardening and planting projects.

We even prepared the soil in the surrounding planter space so the homeowner could start on his garden this summer.


We also installed a one-of-a-kind basalt column fire pit to add another unique touch and tie the space together with a functional focal point. As you can see in the detail shot below, each stone is unique– so each pit will have its own personality and distinctive look.
basaltfirepitshotThe natural finish on both the basalt and bluestone complement the classic look of the neighborhood but open up a real opportunity for the homeowner to inject some personality into their space.