Rain Bird HE-VAN Variable Arc Spray Nozzles: save some water and have a great lawn

Rain Bird makes almost all of the irrigation components we use day-to-day. These special nozzles are a fantastic option that we install in almost all of our new irrigation installs.

These nozzles are only a few cents more per head on a new installation system, but they provide up to 30% water savings!

The water savings alone set these nozzles ahead of other options– but the increase in performance is what should seal the deal for any homeowner looking to improve the efficiency and quality of their sprinkler system. The coverage offered by these nozzles allows you to have a healthier lawn with less water.

In a less even coverage system, some areas of the lawn would be forced to get too much water in order to ensure adequate water on otherwise under covered areas. With these heads, coverage is a breeze and grass looks fuller and more even-toned.

Replacing the nozzles on an existing system is typically in the $100-$200 range (including labor)– give us a call today and our technician can upgrade your system to an HE-VAN nozzle set.