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Landscaping season in full swing!

Is your yard looking a little drab now that the sun is finally out? Plants can bring some color and vitality to any space. Whether you are looking for a large tree to bring shade and interest to your back yard, or just a little shrubbery to fill out that garden bed space– we can select the best local plants that will thrive where we plant them.

What happens if something we plant dies? Obviously when you work with plant material, sometimes seemingly healthy plants don’t make it. But when you do your project with J’s Custom Landscaping, not only can you be sure that our initial plan will be expertly crafted to fit your project and your yard, the plants we bring in are typically covered by a warranty policy designed to catch those unexpected die-outs, which usually happen in the first year.

Our crews are out at job sites all over the Vancouver and Portland area every day planting trees, laying sod, mowing grass, and placing pavers. If you have a landscaping project big or small, whether that’s a major cleanup or just getting signed up for a reliable, professional, lawn care service, give us a call at 360-521-1479, and our office staff can set you up for a free consultation.


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Roses are red, violets are blue, let us build a pergola for you!

We’ve finally defrosted and are beginning to see the other side of those many months of rain and cloudy skies.

We crafted a wonderful outdoor living space for this Vancouver client– including a covered pergola! The project inspired us to start putting together pergola packages that enable us to build craftsman quality pergolas better than ever before. Give us a call and we add some custom details to your yard project, just in time for the sunny weather.

Want that manicured, landscaped look in your yard without all the fuss? Check out what else we can do for you!

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Ice, Wind, and a Lot of Snow!

We help manage snow and ice for a wide variety of commercial clients. If your business isn’t contracted with a reputable company to help treat for ice, shovel walks, or plow parking lots, give us a call! Our ice melt crews start at about midnight during winter events– give yourself some peace of mind knowing that your employees and customers will be able to safely access your facility.

Rain Bird HE-VAN Variable Arc Spray Nozzles: save some water and have a great lawn

Rain Bird makes almost all of the irrigation components we use day-to-day. These special nozzles are a fantastic option that we install in almost all of our new irrigation installs.

These nozzles are only a few cents more per head on a new installation system, but they provide up to 30% water savings!

The water savings alone set these nozzles ahead of other options– but the increase in performance is what should seal the deal for any homeowner looking to improve the efficiency and quality of their sprinkler system. The coverage offered by these nozzles allows you to have a healthier lawn with less water.

In a less even coverage system, some areas of the lawn would be forced to get too much water in order to ensure adequate water on otherwise under covered areas. With these heads, coverage is a breeze and grass looks fuller and more even-toned.

Replacing the nozzles on an existing system is typically in the $100-$200 range (including labor)– give us a call today and our technician can upgrade your system to an HE-VAN nozzle set.


Landscape professionals, and for good reason

vancouver, wa landscaping pruning trimming and plant cutting

There are a lot of landscapers out there, from huge inter-state corporations to local outfits with just a truck and a mower. We’re somewhere in between, as we service Vancouver, Portland, and much of the surrounding area. Whether the company (or the project) is big or small, here are are a few questions we recommend you take into consideration before you hire a landscaper.

Will you offer me a detailed proposal or estimate for this work?

The goal here is simple. When you’re hiring a landscape company to work for you, the project they think they’re doing for you and the vision you have of it need to match up. This sounds like an obvious consideration, but look to the estimate they give you for guidance. Is it specific and clear on more than just the main components or distinct features of the project? The estimate is key, because it should reflect the project you’re actually looking to do, and it needs to be more than a laundry or checklist style document. It’s great that your landscaper remembered you wanted new grass but it’s much better when it has been planted in the right place.

Try to eliminate ambiguity and the potential for misunderstandings. For example, depending on where you live, a term as simple as mulch could mean any one of three things! We hear all of these here in the Vancouver area. Mulch could describe medium fir bark dust, leaf compost, or even grass clippings that haven’t been picked up for awhile.

There are many other factors in selecting a company to take on that landscape project. If you’re talking to multiple companies in order to find the right fit, any number of things could take precedence depending on your needs and preferences. Price and the value being offered by a company are really important for any project, but they cannot be your only considerations. Here are the three questions that many people just don’t ask often enough.

  1. Are you licensed and bonded?
  2. Are you insured?
  3. Are your employees covered by worker’s comp?

A lot of homeowners don’t know the burden of liability they could share in the event an accident happens on their property– if the landscaper you hire isn’t protecting their crews, properly licensed, bonded, and insured, your homeowner’s insurance could take the hit, or you could be sued. Not all landscapers understand that these are true costs of doing business, and they’re willing to take that risk at your (and their company’s) expense.

Make an educated choice and work with a company that chooses to invest in a reputation and proper practices. Whoever that may be, they’re more likely to bring those values to work.

Other reading:

Looking for more information? The state of Oregon requires landscape contractors working in Oregon to be registered with them. Check out the OLCB here!

Spring is on the way!

The sun is starting to come out here in Vancouver, and our schedule is filling customers who want their homes and businesses cared for by the best landscapers in town. Last year saw a long, hot summer, so many of our clients are looking to get their grass installation and other landscape construction projects started now so they’ll look good all through 2016.

Fresh Dirt Clean Grass

Sod and Grass Installation in Vancouver

Our crews are excited to trade out their sweatshirts for sun-shaded safety glasses, and everyone at J’s is excited to show off some of our awesome projects this year. We’ll keep things fresh here on this blog, and hope you come back to check in on us.