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Happy Holidays from J’s Custom Landscaping!

The Vancouver and Portland area is currently weathering a winter storm! Be safe and try to keep warm– we’re staying busy shoveling sidewalks and fighting the ice right now.

Jay’s kids must have seen one of our ice crews working, because they sent us this very accurate portrait.

Snow season is here!

Many people are surprised to hear how much landscaping work we can do in the winter. The rain and cold can make the job hard and the work slow, but unless we are getting absolutely rained out, there’s not much that can stop routine construction or our leaf cleanup crews. Snow, however, is one thing that changes up our plans.

There aren’t many snow service companies in the Pacific Northwest, especially the Vancouver area. We more often get more freezing rain and ice than snow, but we have the plows and know-how to take care of pretty much anything that can come down. Area daycare centers, retail stores, and banks don’t close their doors when it gets cold, and they rely on us to provide safe sidewalks and parking lots for their customers. When we get some real snow, it’s all hands on deck at J’s Custom Landscaping, and you can be sure to see our trucks and crews out spreading ice melt and shoveling sidewalks this winter.

Spider Mite Season!

Vancouver Landscape

It’s prime time for one pest that can rapidly decimate a group of blue atlas cedars, arbor vitae, or a wide variety of plants: the spider mite.

These little guys are small, but can do major damage to your trees– they brown needles and can quickly kill when they infest the leaves and needles of your plantings. They actually puncture the plant’s cells to feed and can impact a lot of common and popular plantings. They pop up the most in warm weather, especially where it’s dry.

Check out one homeowner’s journey to treat spider mites.

Thankfully, there are sprays and treatments that can do wonders to keep your plants from dying. Give us a call and let us help you keep your yard healthy and safe from spider mites.