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Landscaping season in full swing!

Is your yard looking a little drab now that the sun is finally out? Plants can bring some color and vitality to any space. Whether you are looking for a large tree to bring shade and interest to your back yard, or just a little shrubbery to fill out that garden bed space– we can select the best local plants that will thrive where we plant them.

What happens if something we plant dies? Obviously when you work with plant material, sometimes seemingly healthy plants don’t make it. But when you do your project with J’s Custom Landscaping, not only can you be sure that our initial plan will be expertly crafted to fit your project and your yard, the plants we bring in are typically covered by a warranty policy designed to catch those unexpected die-outs, which usually happen in the first year.

Our crews are out at job sites all over the Vancouver and Portland area every day planting trees, laying sod, mowing grass, and placing pavers. If you have a landscaping project big or small, whether that’s a major cleanup or just getting signed up for a reliable, professional, lawn care service, give us a call at 360-521-1479, and our office staff can set you up for a free consultation.


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Roses are red, violets are blue, let us build a pergola for you!

We’ve finally defrosted and are beginning to see the other side of those many months of rain and cloudy skies.

We crafted a wonderful outdoor living space for this Vancouver client– including a covered pergola! The project inspired us to start putting together pergola packages that enable us to build craftsman quality pergolas better than ever before. Give us a call and we add some custom details to your yard project, just in time for the sunny weather.

Want that manicured, landscaped look in your yard without all the fuss? Check out what else we can do for you!

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Ice, Wind, and a Lot of Snow!

We help manage snow and ice for a wide variety of commercial clients. If your business isn’t contracted with a reputable company to help treat for ice, shovel walks, or plow parking lots, give us a call! Our ice melt crews start at about midnight during winter events– give yourself some peace of mind knowing that your employees and customers will be able to safely access your facility.

Pacific Northwest Crane fly

This is the best time of year to have your yard checked for crane fly. Yards with wet spots or many low points are particularly susceptible to this insect.

A crane fly infestation may be not totally evident at this time of the year, but over the course of the growing season, they can do a lot of damage to an untreated yard. Treatments and awareness of the presence of crane fly larvae in the late winter is the most effective preventive measure. They’re closer to the surface in this weather, ready to eat away the root systems of your grass, leading to patchy spots and dying grass.

Photo source: http://www.washingtontreeservice.com/blog/

Crane fly is one of the more common pest problems that afflicts Vancouver landscapes. Many of our customers will request several control applications during the course of the year, and our crews can apply it during their routine landscaping service.

Whether you’re one of our landscape maintenance customers, or just a Vancouver and Portland metro area homeowner looking to preserve the health of their grass, make sure your yard is not already home to these unwelcome visitors.

We had an unusually hot, long summer here in the Pacific Northwest last year– don’t subject your grass to any extra stress by making sure it won’t fall victim to a pest problem just when it’s finally beginning to grow again. Whether it’s crane fly treatment, winter fertilizer, or just the expert attention of a professional landscaper, your yard will thank you for going with J’s Custom Landscaping. Give us a call and we can get your yard the care it needs in all seasons.