Going beyond builder-basic

There are a lot of “builder basic” landscapes in Vancouver, and landscaping is often one item that gets pushed further down the priority list, or even forgotten about entirely when building a new home.

Luckily, with our help, your new dream home can look like it from the outside, too.

This customer in Vancouver contacted us when they wanted to create a visually appealing entrance to their home. The placement of their home and long driveway made all that empty space look all the more barren.



For this project, we kept it simple and clean, which really brings out the beautiful property and the nice clean lines of the existing hardscape. A great plant selection via some of our local nurseries, and interesting rockwork come together in concert with the elegant light fixtures to make this entrance area a real point of interest. We think it’s a lot more inviting, as well.


Stuck with that perfect square of grass in the backyard? Sick of that washed out bark dust or those tired lava rocks? Give us a call and we can take that basic landscaping and turn it into something beautiful.