From a blank slate to something simple and clean

We frequently get calls from clients all over the Portland and Vancouver area who are excited about their new home– but working with bare dirt in their backyard! Many builders will install a pretty average or basic front yard space, leaving the choice of what to do with the backyard area to you. We’ve shown you some different ways we can spice up those front yard basic areas. Well, today it’s all about the backyard!

Just because we want to bring in some of our low maintenance landscaping strategies doesn’t mean you can’t have a pleasant and very functional space.



This client wanted something that would be clean and clear of clutter so her dogs could have some space to safely play, while not also signing up to spend every weekend out in the yard pulling weeds and patching torn up grass. We were able to bring in a mix of rock and artificial turf to make this a dog-friendly area that wouldn’t require the constant attention of a grass lawn. We were even able to build in some simple planting areas for a future garden. Now that’s a puppy pleaser!