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We wanted a good place to share great projects and some of our expertise with our clients and the world at large, so when we put this new site together, it was important to us to include an awesome blog.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out some of our posts. We can always be reached through the contact info at the bottom of the page, feel free to give us a call with any questions.

Custom Landscaping in Vancouver

Vancouver Landscapes

Here’s a really slick looking landscape we designed and installed for one of our customers in Lacamas Shores. We built our design around some existing established plants to bring some distinction and a truly custom look to this front yard. We think it meshes really well with the upscale look of the neighborhood.

These retaining walls help shape the space. We intentionally selected materials for this custom landscape that would fit in well with the neighborhood and even complement the upscale look of the home itself. We also brought in some fresh plantings and accent lighting so the space would be lit up or in bloom in every season, and at any time of day. There are lots of familiar elements in this Vancouver landscape combined to build a stellar finished product.



Vancouver’s Rural Roots

Fencing is one frequent request that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Most suburban fences are pretty similar, and it’s something you don’t see a lot of variation on around Vancouver. However, split-rail fence is one distinctive option that our customers are loving.

Rustic and classic western style split rail fence Vancouver WA

The rustic charm of a split-rail fence is familiar to just about everyone, and its appeal extends beyond ranchers and cow-hands. Whatever your taste, whatever we can do to help you surround yourself with what you love, that’s our business. Set up a consultation today and make your project a reality.

Spring is on the way!

The sun is starting to come out here in Vancouver, and our schedule is filling customers who want their homes and businesses cared for by the best landscapers in town. Last year saw a long, hot summer, so many of our clients are looking to get their grass installation and other landscape construction projects started now so they’ll look good all through 2016.

Fresh Dirt Clean Grass

Sod and Grass Installation in Vancouver

Our crews are excited to trade out their sweatshirts for sun-shaded safety glasses, and everyone at J’s is excited to show off some of our awesome projects this year. We’ll keep things fresh here on this blog, and hope you come back to check in on us.